4 Thoughts to “Order Online for take out”

  1. Marion Drakos

    The earliest time for take out on your online portal is 10: am – is there anyway to change this to 30 minutes after opening?

    1. I thought it’s 9:30 on Sunaday and 9:00 Mon-Sat. We will change the app. So sorry for the inconvenience
      Thank you

  2. Rosa

    I ordered 3 Big Kids’ Plate, but my order came with no pancakes. My kids were so disappointed because they were waiting for it.
    I can say the taste is really good, but an incomplete order is no nice.

    1. We are so sorry to hear that. The pancake is not an options anymore. However, we will remember your name Rosa. Please come and visit us anytime. We will give you free kids pancake.

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