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Fresh ingredients, Chef's Passion for food

The Best Brunch Restaurant in Coquitlam

About us

Our goal is to open and operate a small breakfast and brunch restaurant that is family-oriented in Coquitlam. Our Restaurant features traditional breakfast and lunch cuisine consisting of daily soup, waffles, salads, Sandwiches, Pancakes, Benedict and Pasta and much more.

We focus on an authentic Canadian brunch style with a touch of Asian influence. The menu is inspired by different countries’ specialties to appeal to a diverse clientele.

Kook's Cooks

What Makes us Special?

Kook’s Cooks is the brunch cafe where you can have meals, coffee desserts, and beer all in one place.

We are doing our best to create a comfortable space where you can visit anytime with your family, lovers, and friends and enjoy a pleasant and comfortable meal and tea time from early morning to late.

Please visit us and feel the sincerity of Kook’s Cooks from the food prepared with fresh ingredients every day.

You can also enjoy your meal on the patio feeling the warm sunlight and cool breeze.

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